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Here's Why what some Authors don't know CAN ruin their Book before it even gets a fair chance –
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What if your book got picked up by a large New York publisher – Random House, Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins? Imagine what THAT would feel like! The success that follows my authors when that happens truly transforms their lives. They find themselves getting:

  • A nice fat advance check
  • Media interviews on CNN, MSNBC, Good Morning America, Dateline, Dr. Phil and many other prominent TV shows
  • An unending stream of radio stations begging to interview them
  • Tons and tons of print journalists asking their take on their expertise
  • Surprising opportunities they could never have gotten without a big flashy book deal
  • Lots of money – from an exploding public speaking or consulting business growth
  • Best of all, fan emails from people who adore you and the work you've done and want to tell you all about how you impacted their life

Literary agent Wendy Keller has sold rights for +1,200 books in 23 years as an agent, including 9 international best sellers. Renown for being exceptionally frank and iconoclastic, yet with a compassionate heart of gold, THIS is the woman who is ripping open the curtain so authors like you can see how to REALLY make this industry work for you.

It can really, truly happen with YOUR book, too. But probably, no other publishing industry insider has ever taken the time to EXPLAIN to you how this business REALLY works and what you have to do long before the glorious day you sign the publisher's contract…until now.

"I keep thinking the day I met you was the luckiest day of my life." — Col. Randall J. Larsen (ret.) author of "Our Own Worst Enemy" (Hachette/Grand Central Books), professional speaker and media personality

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To get published, you need a platform. A "platform" is publishing industry jargon for a growing fan base, enthusiastic people who want to know more about you, your work, your idea and who are likely to buy your book the second it comes out.

Typically, a hot author platform includes some of these elements. The more you have, the more $$$ you get for the book, the faster it sells to a publisher and the bigger it hits the (very crowded) world of books once it is published.

Which do you have already in place and which still need growth?

  • A large and growing fan list whose emails you have collected and at your disposal
  • Growing, vibrant social media presence, especially on Facebook and/or LinkedIn
  • At least 20 paid speaking engagements annually, or free events in front of at least 125,000 people/yr.
  • Media, media, media. Radio, print, television – online or offline – we want to see that you are a star
  • Some sort of celebrity, like Nobel prize winning, celebrity, Olympian, talk show host, etc.
  • Extreme credibility on your topic. Not just that you've done it, but that you have taught others and are good at it.

Those are the elements of a platform. You don't need ALL of them, but the more you have, the bigger your deal with the publisher; the more people your message will reach; and the larger the impact your book will have on the world.

Here's the BIG SECRET: Your platform determines how big your book can get – BEFORE, during and after Publication!

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WHY do you want to get published? A well-done, properly pre-positioned book can create these kinds of results. Which ones appeal most to you? (Check all that apply)

Grow my business

Enhance my reputation

Leave a legacy

Improve life on this planet

Get more paid speaking

Become a full-time author

Other (Fill in box)

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Growing your platform and THEN doing your book will get you the results you crave!

WHY do you need ANY of this platform stuff before your book is sold?

Because publishers no longer take chances. They want to know your book will make them a profit before they will sign you onto their list. Publishing is a business –and business is in business to make a profit.

And speaking of profits, we've not even discussed YOUR profits from your book. Even if making a profit from your book (or the way it grows your business) is not your primary goal, you WILL experience an incredible influx of profits – cold hard cash - once your book is published and your platform is growing daily.

Building a platform, before your book is published (or even self-published) is the SINGLE MOST important secret to your success as an author. Starting today, you CAN build an extraordinary platform for your book, create a maximum difference in your own life and the lives of every one of your future readers.

Step up to your greatness! Enroll in the single-most successful, focused, thorough home study course on building a platform available anywhere.

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Wendy Keller, CEO/Senior Agent

STOP! Getting the platform building course is not suitable for everyone! If you are so gosh-darn sure your book is going to be super-best-seller without any effort on your part; without any preparation of the soil into which it will be planted; without making conscious intent to create the results you most deeply desire; then this course is NOT right for you. It will ONLY work for those smart few who recognize that the "journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step" and who recognize how important it is to take that first step in the right direction from Day One.